Aishath Azfa (Azaf)

Sustainable Development Practitioner

Aishath Azfa (Azaf) is a development planner and researcher with over 15 years of experience specialising in the fields of climate adaptation, gender & sustainable development. Throughout her career, she has served the Government of the Maldives and various international development organizations, including UNDP, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank under various capacities. Some of her recent contributions towards national development of the Maldives include formulation of the environment and gender related policies in the National Strategic Action Plan of the Maldives (2019-2023), formulation of the current local development planning methodology incorporating climate resiliency and gender equality, foundational work to formulate the 8th National Development Plan of the Maldives and designing the Country Programme Strategy for the Maldives Global Environment Facility (GEF) portfolio. She is currently working as a Gender Specialist for the World Bank and serving as an Advisory Board Member for the Resilient Island Foundation of the Netherlands. Azaf is also doing her PhD in Climate Change Adaptation from the University of Melbourne. Her research looks at the political economy of newly developed islands in the Maldives and how it influence social vulnerability and adaptive capacity of small island communities.

Areas of Expertise