Dhiraagu and Sparkhub introduces the World’s Leading Startup Workshop, The Lean Startup Machine.

Lean Startup Machine is an intensive three-day workshop, which taught Lean methodologies and hands-on applications to product, customer, and business model development. Considered as the world’s leading startup workshop, Lean Startup Machine takes place in more than 150 cities around the world.

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Sparkhub accepted into Amazon Web Service (AWS) Activate program

Sparkhub has been accepted into the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Activate program. The AWS Activate Portfolio package is designed for startups in selected accelerators, incubators, seed and VC funds, and other startup-enabling organizations. Using the AWS Activate program, Sparkhub will provide opportunities for Maldivian startups to obtain limited-time free access to a variety of AWS services during their early startup phase.

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Sparkhub launches Startup Maldives Network and announces the Startup Summit 2020.

Sparkhub today launched Startup Maldives Network (SNM) along with the website Startup Maldives Network (SMN) is an initiative of Sparkhub and aims to be the leading platform that gives a face to the startup ecosystem of Maldives both locally and globally. SMN is developed to foster the development of the startup ecosystem in the Maldives, to be a regional hub for innovation and to be the birthplace of many successful startup stories originating from the Maldives.

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