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tallo is more than just a mobile app. It is an experience, a culture, and a place where talents meet opportunities. Designed to connect skilled individuals with businesses and individual clients in the Maldives, tallo facilitates a comprehensive platform for anyone with a tradable skill to get discovered nationwide, get hired and get paid – all using one app. tallo is offered as a subscription-based platform for vendors while clients may use the app for free. Each vendor can enjoy a comprehensive profile including services offered, verified client reviews, portfolio and other information. Messaging, invoicing tools and project management are all included, too. It is also worth mentioning, tallo offers complimentary escrow service for projects and does not impose any commissions on payments. With user experience at its core, tallo is set to evolve based on behavioral data, user feedback and as relevant new technologies become available in the Maldives. We strongly believe success comes from values delivered. tallo is one among many upcoming products under Good Ventures, that would continue to write its story of the timeless pursuit for innovation in the Maldives and beyond.



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